Thursday, December 29, 2016

TRIBULATIONS in a rich world

...a very rich world.

I have the grand good fortune to appear in an anthology based on Faith Hunter's amazing Rogue Mage series. It is a rich world...deep, colorful, frightening...glorious to read her stories. AWESOME to be invited to play in her creation. Blessed, actually.

My story, River Bones, is in the volume called TRIBULATIONS, set for a December 30 release. Other stories in the book are by Faith, Lucienne Diver, Spike Y Jones, and Christina Stiles. So pleased to be in their company.

If you haven't read Faith's Rogue Mage fiction, do yourself a favor and buy a book or two. It's post-apocalyptic, haunting, and magical. These short stories in TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS are little slices of the setting.

I chose the Amazon basin for my tale. My buddy, Vicki Steger, gave me this incredible book about the Amazon River basin and the history of its exploration...a BIG book that had been in her father's library. It has served as the springboard for some of my short stories and a novel. And I just had to delve into it again because the basin would be a perfect place for a treasure-seeking girl raised in a convent to explore. Too, I was inspired by the History Channel program "The Curse of Oak Island." (I wonder if the brothers will ever really find something.)

I put a little magic in my story, and some explosives. I'm a fan of things that blow up.  

Thanks, Faith, for letting me play in your sandbox. What a magnificent place you sculpted!

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